Working Hero South Carolina is a statewide campaign to raise awareness about the state and federal Earned Income Tax Credits, connect South Carolinians with free tax preparation services, and ensure that every eligible South Carolinian receives the cash refund they’ve earned, while also advocating for policies that will help all Americans afford their basic needs.

Working Hero South Carolina will follow the model pioneered by founder Joe Sanberg in his home state of California, where his community organizing campaign CalEITC4Me has connected working families with more than $4 billion of tax credits. California’s EITC has been so successful that Governor Gavin Newsom recently made doubling the size of the program to $1 billion a key policy priority of his first term.

Joe Sanberg, Founder


Joe Sanberg is a progressive entrepreneur who is working through both the public and private sectors to end poverty and make people’s lives better. Joe believes that everyone who works – and everyone who wants to but can’t – should be able to afford life’s basic needs and live with financial security.

Joe has been one of the nation’s leading advocates for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for low-income families. In 2015, he successfully lobbied legislators in his home state of California to create the state’s first EITC. Then-California Gov. Jerry Brown’s top adviser Nancy McFadden called Sanberg the “spark” behind the state’s efforts to pass and implement the new program. When the state didn’t allocate enough money for outreach, Joe created CalEITC4Me. This community organizing program has connected working California families with more than $4 billion of state and federal Earned Income Tax Credits.

In 2018, Joe founded Working Hero PAC, a people-powered political organization to support elected leaders and candidates who champion policies that will help end poverty. Working Hero endorsed 17 candidates around the country, holding community events with them to elevate the issue of poverty in Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Arkansas, California and Missouri. In 2019, Joe also created Working Hero Action to expand his successful model of EITC outreach beyond California, and advocate for policies that will help all Americans afford their basic needs.

Joe is Co-Founder of, an online financial institution built for everyone. Aspiration serves people at the heart of their financial lives – their banking account – in a trust-based model that empowers people to choose whatever fee they think is fair (even zero) and enables them to bank, invest, and spend in accordance with their values. Aspiration’s approach has made it the fastest-growing and most beloved consumer financial company in America.

Joe also serves on the board of the Economic Innovation Group, as well as the Jefferson Awards Foundation, which engages over 1 million young people each year in volunteerism and public service. He serves on Board of Trustees of the University of California, Riverside School of Public Policy. Joe also volunteers at Casa Teresa, a homeless shelter for pregnant women in Orange, California.

A native of Southern California, Joe is a graduate of Servite High School in Anaheim and Harvard University. He lives in Los Angeles with his rescue dog Bruce.


Laura Capps, Executive Director and Co-Founder

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Laura Capps has spent 20 years developing strategic communications and issue advocacy campaigns for the nation’s highest-profile public officials, including President Bill Clinton, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Secretary John Kerry’s presidential campaign, as well as leading non-profit organizations.  Laura is serving her first term on the Santa Barbara School Board and serves on the boards of Golden State Opportunity, Community Environmental Council and Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Laura runs her own public affairs practice, Mission Partners, providing services in media relations, crisis communications, project management, and development strategies and focusing in five issue areas: poverty, climate, food systems, education, and immigration. Laura began her career in government and public service by serving four years in the Clinton White House, working first as an aide to George Stephanopoulos and then as a speechwriter for President Clinton. She was Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s Communications Director in the U.S. Senate, serving as his primary spokesperson and developing strategic communications plans on a wide range of issues. In 2003-2004, Laura was a senior aide to John Kerry in his presidential campaign. She has built a reputation as a respected advocate for environmental, ocean conservation, and climate issues through her roles as SVP for Government Affairs and Communications at Ocean Conservancy and as Communications Director for the Alliance for Climate Protection the non-profit founded and chaired by Vice President Al Gore.  She is the co-founder of Working Hero Pac, a political organization that supports elected officials who are committed to ending poverty.


Lanae Norwood, National Field Director


Lanae Norwood is an activist, organizer, consultant and blooming social entrepreneur who is passionate about supporting youth and overlooked communities. Norwood is also the founder and CEO of the Institute Developing Equity, Advocacy, and Leadership (iDEAL). Lanae is an expert in leadership development, team building, civic engagement, organizing and mobilizing youth and communities. The challenges she experienced early in life, have shaped her commitment to improving society, pursuing justice and creating opportunities for the people who need a fair chance. Her guiding principle and belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity is Ubuntu, a Nguni Bantu term from South Africa, meaning "humanity", is often translated as "I am because we are."

Norwood is a visionary that has successfully developed and implemented strategies for 100s businesses and nonprofits.

She is also an expert in community and electoral organizing, youth programs, and social justice. Lanae has also consulted and helped develop several high profile campaigns such as #schoolsnotprisons, #riseupasone, #letuslive, Alliance of Boys and Men of Color, Ban the Box, Make it Fair, Voting While Black, Rethink Public Safety, Meet Your DA, AB 392 and Amendment 4 (the Florida Second Chances Campaign).

Lanae Norwood has been recognized by Congress, the State of California and multiple other organizations for her accomplishments, programs, and community service. She is a proud mother of two and an outdoor adventure seeker.

Now she is leading the Working Hero Action team in our National organizing and digital strategy.


Rania Jamison, State Director

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Rania Jamison is a dynamic entrepreneur, motivating public relations consultant, and powerful change agent. A creative and energetic leader with the ability to communicate vision and inspire action, Rania has gained awards working in the education, government, health, non-profit and political sectors. Her work continues to have a lasting positive impact on transforming communities.

With two decades of experience as a skillful organizer of high-profile campaigns, programs and events, Rania has a reputation for getting things done. From engaging and advising elected officials to organizing grasstop leaders, Rania is often behind the scene working to transform the status quo. As president of her own public relations firm, Purpose Promotions, Rania’s recent clients include the Obama Foundation, Dominion Energy, SC Democratic Party and Columbia, SC Mayor Steve Benjamin.

Her previous work includes serving as a Public Involvement Manager for the Richland Penny Transportation Program and as the voice of the South Carolina Census Campaign gaining the state national accolades for record participation improvement and an additional seat in the U.S. Congress. Rania has worked as a key strategist on local and statewide campaigns including the Vote For Our Libraries Campaign; which has revolutionized the libraries across Richland County; leading a communications effort advocating for Riverbanks Zoo, South Carolina’s top tourist destination, to adopt a smoke-free policy, which remains in effect today; and, having a direct impact on the college and career plans of over 20,000 high school and college students throughout the Southeast as a top-ranked speaker for the

Jamison recently became a trained Poverty Simulation Facilitator through the Missouri Community Action Agency. In a six month period, she led over 400 leaders through this experiential “one-month of poverty”; opening their eyes to the challenges that exist within our community.

Jamison was also recently hired by the Obama Foundation to serve as one of nine community leaders across the nation to train and empower emerging community organizers. During a six-month span, she led 11 teams in developing 11 unique projects that created positive impacts on the community and strengthened the next era of local leaders.

Rania strives to live out the meaning of her name (God’s Purpose in Swahili) by remaining active on several nonprofit boards, linking others to their passions and empowering leaders to strengthen their impact within their communities. Rania is a facilitator of the Missouri Community Action Network Poverty Simulation which promotes a greater understanding of poverty through a powerfully engaging live-action role-play for participants.

Although she has a lengthy resume, Rania’s most important and rewarding role is being wife to her husband, Theron and mommy to her sons, Lynard (22) and Blaize (5).